Fernet Taylor is average – average weight, average height, average looks – if average was a brand, she would be the logo. Which is why she is totally okay with the fact Kane Rafferty the new lead singer of world famous rock band Secret Lily is not interested in sleeping with her.

Kane Rafferty only dates models – tall, lithe, amazing looking girls who are anything but average – and at the luxury beach resort where the band is staying there are plenty of models to choose from.

So why does this rock star seem determined to get under Fernet’s skin? Every time she ventures out of her room, there he is driving Fernet to the point of insanity with his smart tongue and gorgeous body.

Is Kane Rafferty really interested in breaking the mold or is he only interested in breaking Fernet’s heart?

Break is the fourth book in the Secret Lily series.



Being beautiful is a big fat pain in the ass.

Poppy Morgan hates being a model. She has never met a man who bothered looking beyond her china blue eyes, blonde curls and lush mouth.  Hired to appear in a music clip for world famous rock band Secret Lily, she loses the gig after losing her cool when the lead singer gropes her.

Now stranded in a chalet in a snow storm, Poppy finds herself bunking in with the band’s drummer Leo Shaw who’s already told her he’s looking for a ‘normal’ girl, not some ‘vacuous blonde bimbo’ with a body too good to be true.

Poppy agrees one hundred percent.  She is definitely not interested in a bearded man mountain with dreadlocks and tattoos – the sooner she gets Leo Shaw out of her head the better…which is hard to do when the damn rock star keeps turning up on her doorstep…

Bare is the third book in the Secret Lily series.



Stranded in a dodgy motel in the middle of a river suffering a massive migraine, Dayna Young’s day has officially been crap. And that was before waking up in the arms of a tattooed stranger and promptly throwing up all over him.

Now it turns out her mysterious rescuer is none other than Jacob Wolff, bass guitarist for world famous rock band Secret Lily. A fact which would have been good to know before Dayna blabbed to a journalist about the magical night she and Jacob spent together …

So really there’s no chance this rock star will ever speak to her again…which begs the question why a fancy limousine has just pulled up outside Dayna’s apartment….

Strip is the second book in the Secret Lily series.



When Kieran Connor, lead guitarist of the world’s hottest band Secret Lily, hires hotel assistant manager Miranda Smith to be his personal assistant for three weeks, she knows he wants more than just help in the recording studio.

The daughter of famous rock musicians, Miranda has kept herself and her daughter out of the glare of the paparazzi. But with dalliances between guests and staff strictly forbidden, getting hot and heavy with Kieran Connor may not only cost Miranda her job but also her hard won anonymity, to say nothing of her heart.

Because it seems for Kieran seducing Miranda is one big tease and this rock star’s made it clear that once the three weeks are gone, then so is he…

Tease is the first book in the Secret Lily series.

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